фараон слотс

Walk like an Egyptian and play Pharaoh's Fortune Slots online!

Step back in time to the ancient Egyptian world of the Pyramids and mummies as popular offline slot machine Pharaoh's Fortune Slots hits your screen.

There are so many fantastic features in the online version that you won't find on Pharaoh's Fortune Slots anywhere else.

This includes the interactive bonus round bursting with ancient Egyptian symbols such as the scarab, all seeing eye and the Pyramids themselves.

Pharaoh's Fortune Slots offers you everything you'd want out of an online slot game.

The traditional five reel video in addition to all the lights and sounds lets you feel comfortable straight away, so can just start playing without any complications.

To get the most out of playing Pharaoh's Fortune there is also an amazing 6x multiplier during the free spins bonus round for guaranteed wins!

The coolest part about the free spins bonus round is that you get to choose other bonuses behind ancient Egyptian icons on a big pyramid.

For example, you could choose 25 free spins behind Cleopatra's face, which in turn via the 6x multiplier would give you 150 free spins. The Egyptian theme is probably the most popular theme when it comes to the world of slot machines, and Pharaoh's Fortune Slots doesn't disappoint.

Featured in the game are traditional symbols such as Cleopatra herself along with snakes, hieroglyphics, pyramids and Anubis, the ancient Egyptian god who has the head of a jackal and body of a human being.

When it comes to preference, a lot of players prefer to play Pharaoh's Fortune Slots rather than other similar games due to the feel and simple game play.

You can even play Pharaoh's Fortune Slots on your mobile or tablet on your commute to work!